What apps are available in the CrimsonMarket?

Extend the functionality and value of your Crimson platform by utilizing the apps available in the CrimsonMarket, the only trusted app store for Republicans. These approved, third-party integrate fully with Crimson and utilize some of the best-in-class political software for your campaign.

Apps Available in the Market:

  • AudiencePartners plans online media buys and targets voters according to consumer and behavioral data.
  • Buzzer and Bell turns videos into virtual polling tools. Video viewers can “ring the bell” when they like what they hear or “buzz” when they don’t.
  • Eventbrite allows for easy import of event information you want to keep track of in Crimson. Once Eventbrite is linked to the platform, data from your events will automatically transfer back into your account through Crimson Source Codes, making event management and FEC compliance easier. A customized API also allows offline check donations that are entered into Crimson to sync back into Eventbrite so that features such as RSVP lists, name tags and seating charts are accurate. (See the CrimsonMarket: Connect Eventbrite to Crimson for more information.)
  • L2 VoterMapping instantly searches and analyzes millions of voter records while displaying the information in real time Bing Maps™ that can zoom in and out of a range of 100 to 500,000 feet. VoterMapping combines U.S. Census information with registered voter data that allows campaigns to select geographic and demographic information to create universes that can be saved or edited.
  • SocialMatch automatically searches for your supporters on Twitter and Facebook to help put a face with a name and appends individual records to include those social media profile URLs in your Crimson database. Free access to SocialMatch is included with your Crimson account.
  • WealthEngine offers Crimson users the ability to identify prospects from their database of high net-worth Republicans.
  • WidgetMakr provides secure, one-click fundraising from any device. 



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