Crimson: Treasury - Vendor Settings

In Crimson, Vendor settings can be enabled for individual records to allow for a smoother process during Treasury data entry.

Treasury Receipts and Disbursements/Invoices Default FEC Line Numbers:

There are Vendor Settings that allow clients to select default FEC line numbers to be automatically selected for any new Receipts and Disbursements/Invoices created in Crimson under the Treasury menu.

When default FEC line numbers are selected in Vendor records for the different Form Types - Form 3, Form 3X, and/or Form 3P, that line number will automatically be assigned to any new transactions that apply to that vendor record and Form Type.

This saves you time because you will no longer need to select the FEC line number for every new transaction that you enter going forward, unless the FEC line number is different from the default you selected earlier for an individual Receipt, Disbursement, or Invoice.

For more info about FEC Line Numbers, please see the What are FEC Line Numbers by FEC Reports? FAQ on the HelpDesk.

1099 Vendor Settings:

1099 Vendor Settings allow clients to enter the Tax ID# for any vendor and if 1099 tracking is needed, clients can use the 1099 checkbox indicator found under the vendor’s profile.  When enabled, this indicator automatically marks any new transaction for 1099 tracking.

For more info about 1099 Features, please see the Treasury – 1099 IRS Reporting Features guide on the HelpDesk.

To make edits to a Vendor’s settings:

  1. Go to the Treasury menu of Crimson, and select the Vendors submenu option.
  2. Search for the Vendor record you would like to update, and click to  open their profile.
  3. Click “Edit Full Record” at the top of the profile.
  4. Make your updates, then click Save.



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