Crimson 2: Treasury - Exports

In Crimson's Treasury menu, you have the option of searching for and exporting VendorsReceiptsDisbursements, and Invoices.

When you first select either the Vendors, Receipts, Disbursements, or Invoices screen, all existing records will display. You have the option of using the Quick Search to search by the Vendor Name or ID or you can use the detailed Search Filters to specify the records you're looking for.

Detailed Filter Search

In the Profile filter, you can search for a Vendor ID, Vendor Name info, and Vendor Type.

In the Contact filter, you can search by the Vendor's address information.

In the Summary filter, you can search for transaction history or totals such as the First Transaction Date, Most Recent Transaction Date, Expenditure Year-to-Date Total, Expenditure Cycle-to-Date Total, Expenditure Cumulative Total, Receipts Year-to-Date Total, Receipts Cycle-to-Date Total, and Receipts Cumulative Total.

In the Transactions filter, you can search by individual transaction details such as Date, Amount, Fund Code, Line Number, Bank Account Code, G/L Code (Chart of Account), Memo Text, Check Number, FEC Description, or Comment.

- Once selection criteria has been entered, click the blue  button in the bottom right corner of the page.

- A count of records in your search results will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen along with a blue  button. Click the Export button to view the results in Excel.

- You can also choose to View/Edit a record by selecting the green pencil button , Delete a record by clicking the red X button , or sort by a specific column by clicking the header of that column.

The Vendor export will provide name and contact information as well as totals for Receipts and Expenditures.

The Receipts, Disbursements, and Invoices exports will provide transaction details.

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