Crimson 2 FAQ: How to Create Top Flags

Use Top Flags to prioritize the most import flags applied to People Records.  The top flags will always display at the top of the flag’s menu while the remaining flags will display alphabetized.

How to Create a Top Flag

Go to the People menu on the left hand side of Crimson.

  1. Click the Settings
  2. Add a new flag or edit and existing flag.
  3. Check the Top Flag
  4. Click Save Changes when done.


How to Apply a Top Flag to a People Record

  1. Open a People Record.
  2. Click on the 2_flag_menu_icon.pngmenu.
  3. Click within the white space and start typing your flag, select the flag once it has displayed.


    4. Click the 4_show_more_button.png button to view a full list of Flags and Top Flags to be applied to the record.


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