Crimson FAQ: How do I Track Donor Retention?

The Fundraising Dashboard contains charts where you can find information key donor retention and LYBNT information for your organization. These additions make it easier to focus on retaining donors and recapturing those who might be at risk of falling off your donor list.


Donor Retention

The Donor Retention Rates by Cycle Graph will help users identify how many donors have been retained over the three most recent cycles. Hover over the chart with you mouse to see the percent and total count for donors retained and donors not retained. Click on the Retained or Not Retained portion of a bar to get a full list of the donors. This will allow you to use our People Search filters to further narrow the list down by location, giving amounts, and more.


These charts will give you the total percentage of donors who gave Last Year But Not This Year and donors who gave Some Years But Not This Year. The default will show all, but you can narrow down the list by adding lowest gift amount and this year or starting year filters. Like the above, click the cards to view a searchable list of the records.



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