Crimson 2: General Features


When you first log into Crimson, you'll instantly get an overview of all money loaded into the database on your Fundraising Dashboard. Below are the features found on the dashboard:

• Countdown: This is managed by admin users and used for major report dates, elections, etc.

• Total Raised: Shows the total raised for CTD or YTD (depending on the specific account), and this will also have a time stamp for when it was last calculated. To refresh the total raised amount, account administrators can click the  button.

• By Channel: See which channels are performing the best.  Channels are setup on the Settings menu, and correlate with Program Codes (see Crimson: Fundraising Terms Solution for further info). Hover over the blue bars to see the totals raised.

• By Money Type:  View a breakdown of contributions on the Money Type pie chart.  Click on the chart to see results broken down in the graph at the bottom of the page. You can also click on the pie chart headers to add or remove different fund codes for further analysis. 

• Gifts:  Get a quick count of gifts processed for the current cycle.

• Other Date Breakdowns: Get an even more detailed breakdown of contributions by multiple date ranges: Year-to-Date, Qtr-to-date, Month-to-date, Week-to-Date, Past 30-Days, and Past 7 Days. Hover over the bars to get a snapshot of a single day.

• Overview by Channel: Hover over the different channel lines to see the dollar amount raised over the past 30 days for that specific channel.

Account Menu Options 

Your account menu options can be seen from all areas of Crimson. They are located at the top right hand corner of the screen. Below are the menu options available:

• Messages: Read messages from CMDI and view details for completed Mass Appends

• HelpDesk: View Guides and FAQ's for all Crimson Features here.

• Donate Now: Process donations on the fly through Donate Now. This can be enabled if you are setup with Merchant Services/WidgetMakr. If interested in these services, please contact Support at for further information.

• My Tasks: Quickly access tasks specifically assigned to you here. You can complete the tasks, export them as a list in Excel, or view/print call sheets

• Photo Inbox: Email pictures to The pictures will be in the photo inbox the next time you log in, and from here they can be attached directly to a People record. We recommend naming the subject line the donor/candidate name.

• Account: Client can change their password as well as add /change their profile picture

• Logout: Manually log out of Crimson here if you are done.

People Menu

• Dashboard: The People Dashboard gives you a total # of People records in the database and breaks them down by contact info, county, city, zip, CD, and Donor Info.

• Search: Use the Quick Search to look up a specific donor by name or PID. Use the Detailed Search to find a group of donors based on different search criteria.

• Dropdown Menu's: Each search field has its own dropdown menu which allow you to edit how it searches. For example: Last Name "Starts with" … B (for Joseph Banks), State "In list of"… VA, MD, DC, and Email "Is not empty"

• Search Sections: View the search sections available below:

  • Profile - Use if donor information like Name, Employer/Occupation, Fundraising Tracking #, or PID is known.
  • Contact - Use if donors address, areas they may live, or general contact info is known.
  • Group - Use if searching by codes like flags, keywords, club, or events
  • Flags/ Flag Date - Used for hygiene like "do not mail" or "deceased". Also used for noting VIP prospects, donors, etc
  • Keywords - Used for issue interests like "social security", or to classify if donor willing to write a letter to an editor
  • People Type or Code - Search PACs VS. Individuals or Donor VS. Non Donor
  • Giving Summary - Use to narrow down gift amounts by cycle or specific dates, pull pledge history, or search outstanding pledge money.
  • Gifts - Use to search gift details like batch information, money type, coding, etc.
  • Giving Aggregate 1 & 2 - Use to specify what amounts or fund codes to search for or exclude. This is most helpful with historical data/incumbents.
  • Suppress - Use to exclude people from results. Ex: "do not email" or "maxed out".


  • Can "Reset" to clear all the search settings entered
  • Click "Search" and then click Export to create list in Excel or CSV. You can also Print call sheets here.

People Tabs Found Within Donor Profile 

To view a People Record from your Search Results, click on the green  button. Below are the main tabs you'll find within a Profile directly under the Profile picture and contact info.

• Fundraising: 

  • Dashboard – View a summary of the donor’s total contributions
  • Gifts – View the donor’s live contributions and/or add new contributions directly from their profile.
  • Statement – View adjustments applied to the original contributions.
  • Clubs –View the donor’s Club information if any are associated with their record. (See Crimson: About Clubs and Status or Contact Support for further information on donor Club Codes.)
  • Pledges – Enter donor pledges and track as money comes in.
  • Political - View a summary of voter history here. (See the Help Desk or Contact Support for further information on loading Voter Data.)

• General: 

  • Add/View Additional Info like Salutations, Unique URL’s, or FEC ID #
  • Add/View Bio info here.

• Tasks - Add, view, complete, or delete all active open or completed tasks only in relation to that profile. (Ex: Subject: Fundraising Call » Type: Call » Purpose: Initial Contact » Date Due: call next Friday » For: John Smith » Note: Call about maxing out and attending upcoming fundraiser » Save.)

• Note: Keep general notes on the donor here using a Title, Date, and Description.  Ex: Note that one should always contact the Secretary not the Donor.

• Events: Add the Donor to an event here.  Attribute a contribution to the event, and track their event RSVP status.  See Help Desk or contact Support for further info on creating or managing Events. 

• Contact: Keep contacts for donor here, like secretary, campaign manager, etc. This is extremely useful for PAC and other Committee contacts.

• Map: See the records primary address on a map and see how many other donors are in their area. 

• History: View any changes or additions made to the record. See the original data, the change made, who made the change, and when it occurred.

• Activity: View records Activity logs for Donations, Pledges, Events, Tasks, and general Changes applied.

• Flags & Keywords: Click on  and  to add/view Flags and Keywords (Ex: DNM – Do Not Mail).

Other People Profile Features

• Upload Photo: Upload photos to a record by clicking Change on the default silhouette.

• PID: This is the unique ID assigned to people records by Crimson.  This ID is searchable in the People and Money search.

• Edit Full Record: Edit the Donor’s main contact information: Name, Salutations,  Primary Mail Record Indicator (for house holding), Address, Email, Social Media Links, Etc.

• Save as Business Card (vCard): Click the   button to save the donor’s profile info as vCard.

• Copy Record: Click the  button if you want to quickly copy the donor’s home info to create a new record for their spouse.

• Links: Select the  button to access the donor’s Relationship Tree.  Use this tool to create relationships (e.g. spouse of, contact of, employer of, etc.) between donor records. The linked records can be opened from here.

• Dupe-checking & Merge: Use the  button to find possible dupes matching the donor’s record, and merge the duplicates.  Use the Not a Dupe checkbox if the match is not a dupe.

• Look Up: 

      • Use the Look Up tool to perform a general search on the donor’s First and Last name on as well as the following Social Media Outlets: Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
      • Use the Google Map and Zillow options to search the donor’s primary address.
      • Lastly, if you have a Wealth Engine account, login and use the search tool directly from the donor’s profile.

• Call Sheets: View or Email Call Sheets (Full, Brief, Pocket, or PAC).

• Edit Address: Book Click the Edit Address Book button to manage multiple addresses, phone numbers, and emails for a donor.

• Address Map: View Scroll through and click on the address directly from the donor’s profile to see its location in Google Maps.

• Lobbyist/Tracking#: Track funds raised by lobbyist for FEC Reporting needs. Create a tracking system and designate a tracking number to a lobbyist here. Then apply that Tracking# to money coming in. Contact Support or Sales for further bundler tracking options available for Crimson.

Other People Tab Tools from Left Side People Menu Options:

• Merge Tool:  Use this if you know what records you want to merge. The left side donor's information will save. The right side donor's information will be added to the left so long as it does not override any of the information already given.

• Tasks/Calls: 

      • Select the user who created the task. (b) Select the user who will be performing the task. (c) Select the due date range
      • Print a summary, call sheets, view donor profiles, or go to a task.
      • Re-assign Tasks"
      • Hierarchy system-candidate will call to seal the deal
      • Vice Versa-candidate calls then staff follows-up to get CC info
      • Just to have someone else make the call

• Events: Manage finance events here and view them from a calendar or as a list. Track events by date, invitees, RSVPs, money raised, etc.

Money vs People Menu

The Money Tab gives gift level output. It's hard to explain until you need it, but it's important to know the output will be per transaction instead of a summary of gifts like the People Tab.

Money Window Editing

While in a people record you can view the contribution history and double click on any contribution to view the details of it. Below are the features found within this money window:


Edit Button:  If you have entered a contribution, but realized it was coded to the wrong event code, you wanted to add the check number, or add a tracking number you want to use the Edit button.

Adjust Button: This is the button you would use for compliance edits. Here you will see a drop-down menu for Full Refunds, Partial Refunds, Re-designations, Re-attributions, etc. You will then add an adjustment date, and the person name, fund code, etc. for the contribution to be adjusted to.

Gift Details: 

      • Transaction ID# - Known as the MID, it’s a unique ID for a contribution.
      • Amount - the amount of the contribution.
      • Batch# - This is the number you’ve assigned to a money batch entered through data entry or imported in per day or at any given time period.
      • Date - This is the date of the batch entered (used for reporting).
      • Source - This is the code assigned to the contribution tying it back to the event or source it came from.

Payment Details: 

      • Pay Type - lists the money type of the contribution: cash, check, in-kind, etc
      • Ck/Cc# - this is where you store the check or credit card # if you chose to collect this information
      • Exp Date - of the credit card used
      • Comment - any comments you would like to make for the contribution

Exception Coding: To add an Exception Code to a contribution you use the Edit button. These codes are used to flag gifts that need further attention for FEC compliance. (For example: over-limit donors, partnership attribution, personal funds verification, or third party signatures.)

The purpose of assigning these codes is to make it easier to pull the lists for Exception Letters that need to be sent to Donors.

Note: A list of these codes can be found on the HelpDesk.

Tracking #: If you chose to create a tracking system, then you can assign tracking #’s to contributions here through the Edit button.

FEC Memo Text: Add FEC Memo Text here for reporting.

Reports Menu

All Reports: Find helpful reports here. Place arrow over reports to see a description or select "List" to view at once.

      • Income-#216 "Income Report By Package"- gives the stats on amounts raised in a specific time frame
      • Data maintenance-#104 "Dupe Checker"-this will look for dupes with money only. Every line has a unique paring, one on left and scroll to one on right
      • Data maintenance- #115 "Dupe Check"- individuals w/o money.
      • Check reports for easy access on homepage
      • Ask clients to let us know ideas for reports in future


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