Crimson 2: People Search

The People Search menu is available within the People sub menu of Crimson. Use the Quick Search tool along the top of the screen to find a specific record or use the Filtered search to find a list of records.

Quick Search

Use the Quick Search tool by searching for the PID, First Name and/or Last Name, or part of the Org Name.

Detailed Filtered Search

The detailed Filtered search can be used to find either a particular record or a group of records. The filtered search is helpful in producing call lists, mailing lists, email lists, and much more. Below are helpful tips regarding the Filtered search options:

• Enter look-up criteria based on any combination of options.

• Search with partial information. For example, search for part of a first and last name by using the Starts with option from each field’s drop down menu.


• By changing Starts with to Contains you can search for a string of characters anywhere in the field. For example, if you were looking for a PAC record with “Health” in the name somewhere, the Contains search option would allow a search anywhere in the Last Name.

• Enter criteria in the Suppression section to exclude records from a search. For example, enter Flag “In List Of” “DNM, DNC” (common for Do Not Mail or Do Not Call) to exclude records with those flags from the results.

Checking the OR box suppresses records if criteria entered in any of the fields apply. If this box is not checked, records will only be suppressed if the criteria in all of the fields apply.

• Search for records based on dollar amounts in the Giving Summary and Gift sections. This includes options to search for amounts that are equal to, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, not equal to or between ranges.

• Once selection criteria have been entered, click the blue  button in the bottom right corner of the page.

• A count of records returned will appear in the bottom left of the screen .

• The following are the options available for the results:

  • Export and/or Advanced Export by Channel – The regular export allows you to export the entire results to Excel. See the Crimson - People Search Advanced Export by Channel guide for more information on this export option.
  • Mass Append – This opens a new window with options available to mass append Flags, Keywords, Notes, Tasks, or Events to your results. See the Crimson – Mass Append guide for further details.
  • Print – This creates Full Profile Call Sheets for each result.
  • Print Summary – This creates a summary report of all results.

• Clicking on the column header, like “Last”, to sort results on that column.

• Any record in the list can be opened by double clicking on it or clicking the green  button.

• At any time clicking the red  button at the bottom right corner of the screen will clear all of your selection criteria and allow you to start a new Search.

• Reset buttons  within each section will clear only the selection criteria for that section.

A note about People Searches:

The results of People Searches include each record that fits the selection criteria. Each unique record as identified by People Identification # (PID) will appear only once (with the exception of the All Address search option under the Contacts section – see the Crimson People Search – Search All Addresses guide for more details). Some of the selection options are based on transaction criteria. For example, the results of a search for people with donations that have a particular source code will list a donor once, even if that donor made multiple donations with that source code.

To see an output of each donation please use Search under the Money tab. This search function looks for transactions that meet the selected criteria. If a donor meets the criteria for multiple donations, they will be listed multiple times and the output will include a Money Identification # (MID) for each.

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