CrimsonMarket: Connect Eventbrite to Crimson

Use this Quick Reference guide for directions on how to connect your Eventbrite account to Crimson and seamlessly import event information such as RSVPs, attendee lists, and ticket sales. If you need additional help, please contact us at or contact Eventbrite at or

1. From the Crimson dashboard, click on My Apps and choose Eventbrite.

2. Click on the orange Connect button.

3. You will be asked to log into your Eventbrite account or set one up. Please note that only one Eventbrite account should be connected to Crimson. Make sure to log out of all other accounts. 

4. Once you are logged in, Eventbrite will ask your permission form Crimson to access your account. Click on the green Allow button to continue.

*NOTE: We do not handle multiple Eventbrite accounts. Reach out to Support if you have multiple accounts with data you would like to download. They can walk you through your options.


Sync Your Eventbrite Account to Crimson

Crimson will automatically sync your Eventbrite account once every hour. You know what time the last sync occurred based on the time stamp provided. 


If you would like to sync your data before the next hour, you can use the Sync button to manually import the data.

Link Eventbrite Events to Crimson Events

Once your Eventbrite account is synced with Crimson, the events that can be imported into Crimson will appear.


1. If you see the  button, then this is an event you have already link  Click this button to view the Crimson Source Code linked or to unlink the event.

2. Select the  button to view the import options for each Eventbrite event.

3. Click the  icon to go to the Eventbrite event page.

4. Click the  icon to view the venue address in Google Maps.


Options for Importing Events

1. Event Manually Imported

Select the  button, and a pop-up window will appear with several options for adding the event. Click on the orange button. If you have already manually imported data for an event into Crimson, do NOT link the event now. It will create duplicate data. 

The    button will appear to show that your event will be manually imported.

2. Find and Link Crimson Event

If you have already created a Crimson event to link, then use the Event Lookup tool to search and apply that event using the event’s name.

3. Link to a New Event

If you haven’t already created a corresponding Crimson event, then use the Link to a New Event button to create a new one. A new window will pop up asking you to enter information about the event to set it up in Crimson.

Notes on Eventbrite Data Integration

Gifts processed via the Eventbrite events will also push to Crimson. Below is how Crimson will determine the Source Code for those gifts.

Clients can link Crimson Source Codes to Events under the Source Code’s setting.

If no Source Code is linked, then Crimson will create a new Source Code based on your event name.

You must select a Fund Code option for your Crimson Event settings. This will allow Crimson to determine the correct code to apply to the gift information received from Eventbrite.

Gifts received through Eventbrite will have a default batch # of EVBR, and money type of “EB”.

One Source Code can be linked to multiple Crimson Events. One Eventbrite event can only be linked to one Crimson Event.

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