Crimson 2 FAQ: Donor Transfer Adjustment for Loaded Contribution

Question: I entered the wrong donor name in an already loaded batch. How do I correct this without having to delete and re-enter the entire batch?

Answer: The batch does not have to be re-entered. There is an adjustment type called Transfer that allows you to move a contribution from one record to another without any implications on the FEC report.

  • Find the contribution you want to edit by either using the Search functionality in the People menu and then opening the money record or by using the Search functionality in the Money
  • Open the gift and click . The Adjustment drop-down and Adjustment Date fields will appear.
  • From the adjustment drop-down menu, select TR - Transfer.


  • The Adjustment Date will automatically be filled with the current date. Be sure to edit this using the original batch date (not today’s date, unless they’re the same).
  • Then search for the people record (by either the ID or first and last name) that you intended to key/import the gift to using the Quick Search.
  • Once you’ve selected the correct record, click Apply to finalize the transfer.

**Please note: If the correct record isn’t in Crimson yet, be sure to create the new record before starting the adjustment process. Please refer to the Add a New Record solution on the HelpDesk.

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