Crimson 2: Treasury Receipts - Candidate Loans

Candidate Loans should be entered as Receipts under the Treasury menu of Crimson.  If entered here, using the correct FEC Line number, candidate loans will later be included on the related FEC Report when using the Import from Crimson button(s) in CrimsonFiler. You can also manually pull and review candidate loan information using the FEC Export located under the Compliance menu in Crimson, export types: Contributions and Loans (Sched C).

Note: Candidate loans correctly entered in Crimson will later pull line SA13a information from Crimson into Schedule A and C in CrimsonFiler if the loan is new within the report’s date range. Otherwise, all reported Schedule C loan information will carry over in schedule C of the next report.

How to enter a Candidate Loan in Crimson

  • Click Receipts under the Treasury
  • Click add_button.png at the top right corner of the window and search for the Candidate’s Vendor
  • If there is no vendor record for the Candidate, then click the add_new_vendor.png button.
  • Select Candidate from the Vendor Type drop-down menu and enter the appropriate information into the remaining fields where necessary, then click Save.
  • Enter the date of the loan into the Batch Date field and enter the Amount of the loan.
  • Select the Fund Code from the Fund drop-down menu.
  • Select N/A for the Bank Account Code if you do not have bank accounts setup in Crimson.
  • Select SA13A - Loans made or guaranteed by the Candidate from the Line Number drop-down menu.
  • Finally, enter the appropriate description as you want it to appear on the FEC report in the FEC Description field (“Candidate Loan – Personal Funds” is probably sufficient), then click Save


**For more information on Candidate Loans, please see the Crimson Filer – Entering a Candidate Loan guide on the HelpDesk.

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