Crimson 2: People Records - Editing Records

Follow the directions below to update a People Record by either using the Quick Search tool or the detailed People Search to look up and open a People record.

Note: If you are unsure how to use the search option, please see the Crimson: People Search from the Helpdesk.

A People record has many sections that can be updated.



Edit Most Fields

Click the   button at the top center of the screen.


The majority of fields will be open in a fully editable format, as displayed above. When you have made all appropriate changes, click the  button at the bottom of the screen. Click the  button and any edits you’ve made will be undone without saving. You can exit the screen by clicking on the X in the top right hand corner.


Phone and Address Book

Additional addresses, phone numbers and email information can be entered by clicking on in the top left hand quadrant of the screen.  You can choose either the  or the  in order to Add, Edit or Delete an entry.  You’ll also be able to indicate which address or phone number is considered the Primary.  The Primary record appears on the main donor screen and is included in outputs – including the FEC output where relevant.



The Photo box in the top left hand corner of the screen allows you to view a photo attached to a record, add a photo if none exists or change the current photo. Click Change to locate a photo on your computer and load it.

There are additional modules and fields accessible through the various tabs in the center of the record.



The Gifts tab shows a list of the donor’s gifts to date.  Click + Add a New Gift to create a new gift, or highlight a gift in the list by clicking it once, then click the green icon to open it for viewing and editing.

The Statement tab changes the viewing format of the list to display the full gift history, including adjustments.

The Pledges tab allows you to monitor the statuses of any pledges the donor has made.  The pledges will appear in a list as in the Gifts tab.  Click Add a New Pledge or create a new pledge, or highlight a pledge in the list by clicking it once, then click the green icon to open it for viewing and editing. You can also click the red X to clear it from Crimson.  More information about pledges can be found in the Crimson: About Pledges solution in the HelpDesk.


Additional Info

Various salutation fields and contact information is available in this section. Enter your changes and click the Save button when done.


The Bio tab allows you to enter any notes on the donor’s personal background.  Click straight into the text box to begin editing, and click Save when finished to save changes.  This information will appear on the Brief and Full profiles and call sheets.


The Flag box displays a list of flags attached to the record, and controls to manage flags.  To add a new flag, click to the right of the last flag in the list and start keying. The predictive text will help identify the flag you are looking for. Click on the correct flag once it appears and it will automatically add to your list. To remove a flag, click on the X to the right of the flag you wish to remove, then click Yes when asked if you are sure to delete.



The Keyword box displays a list of keywords attached to the record, and controls to manage keywords.  To add a new keyword, enter the text into the text field box and click Add.  To delete an existing keyword, click on the X next to the keyword you wish to remove and delete it, then click YES when asked if you are sure to delete.


Note: Please reference Crimson: About Flags and Crimson: About Keywords in the Helpdesk to learn how to create new flags and keywords in the library.



The Task section displays a list of all the tasks to which the donor has been linked, with the same Add, Open, and Delete options.  Click the checkbox marked Include Completed to change the view from pending tasks only to all tasks.  See the Crimson: About Tasks HelpDesk file for more instruction on using tasks.



The Note section displays a list of notes about the donor.  You can add, open, and delete notes as with pledges and gifts in their respective tabs.  Each note can have a subject, date, and note text body.



The Events section displays a list of all the events to which the donor has been linked, with the same Add, Open, and Delete options.  See the Crimson: Events helpdesk file for more instruction on using events.



The Contacts tab allows you to add contacts to a record, such as assistants who should be listed as the primary contact information, or contact people for a PAC.  Click Add Contact to create a new contact, and a Contact window with fields for information like address, email, and phone number will appear for editing.  Click the checkbox marked Primary once to make that contact the primary contact for the record. 



The History tab shows an itemized list of every change that has been made to the People file in Crimson since its creation.  You can select a particular time period in the Period drop-down menu, and/or select what kind of changes you would like to see (Delete, Insert, Update, or All) from the Update Type drop-down menu.  This feature allows you to view who made what updates when, and may help to understand new information, or allow you to make inquiries about changes to the Crimson users who made them.



The Activity tab displays activity in the record in a conversational tone. You can also sort and search by the type of activity as well as which user applied that change.


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