Crimson 2: Advanced Bundler Tracking

Advanced fundraiser or bundler tracking in Crimson allows you to view all the gifts associated with a fundraiser and the fundraisers he/she has recruited via his/her People record.

The options below only apply to clients with advanced bundler settings enabled. Please contact Customer Support at for more information.

Creating and Using the Fundraiser Profile

To use fundraiser tracking, the fundraiser must be given a unique tracker number that can then be associated with the specific gifts he/she solicits.

  • To give a fundraiser a tracking number, use the People search to find an open that person’s record. **For information on how to use the People search, please reference the Search solution on the HelpDesk.

In the top left side of a people record, you will see a button to create a new tracking number: .

  • When you click Assign New Track #, Crimson automatically assigns a unique 4-digit tracking number to the record.
    • If you want to edit the tracking number that was automatically assigned by Crimson, click .
    • In the Tracking # field, enter the number you want to assign to the record. After you’ve entered the tracking #, click the blue magnifying glass icon to verify whether that number is available or click the icon to have Crimson select a tracking # to the record. Click Save.

The saved tracking number will then appear as a button on the record. Click that button to open a Fundraising window. The fundraising window displays basic information about the fundraiser.


In the middle, you will see totals of the fundraiser’s Incentive(s) money, Raised money, Rollup, Shared money, and Raised towards S&S money. The Incentive(s) field can be used to add credited money raised to the fundraiser without adding it as an actual donation in Crimson.


Under , you can see a tree of the fundraiser’s team, in which you can show or hide more information about each member of the team by clicking on the arrow icon by his/her name. Each fundraiser’s total raised will appear next to his/her name in the team list. If you click on any donor or fundraiser’s name, you can see his/her summary info which includes: Track #, PID, Raised, Rollup, Shared, and Incentive.


On the top left side, you can assign a title to the fundraiser in the Title drop-down menu. This feature might be used to differentiate various levels of fundraisers based on fundraising goals. For more information on managing titles, please see below.

Under the Title field, Rec. Track # and Rec. Name display the information of the fundraiser’s recruiter. To assign a recruiter, type the recruiter’s tracking number into the Rec. Track # field and click Save. Once assigned, the fundraiser will appear in that recruiter’s fundraiser profile in his/her team and money raised will be included in the recruiter’s roll-up.

You can enter a fundraising commitment amount in the Commitment field and the fundraiser’s state in the State field. Below the overall total amount raised will display in the Tot Raised field and amount pledged will display in the Pledged field.

The Lobbyist box allows you to enter information that may be required by the FEC on whether the fundraiser is a lobbyist.  You can choose Yes, No, or Not Determined, and enter a name in the Verified By text field, along with a Date.

The Existing Group(s) box functions much like flags for People records.  Groups allow you to manage fundraisers by relevant descriptors like regions, interests, or previous campaigns with which the fundraiser has been involved.  The fundraiser’s groups will appear as a list in the Existing Group box. To add a group to a fundraiser’s profile, select it from the Available Group(s) drop-down menu and click Add.  To clear an existing group, click the group in the list and click Delete.  For instructions on managing fundraiser groups, see below.

After you have made edits to a fundraiser profile, always click Save at the bottom right corner of the window below exiting or Cancel to clear any changes you have made.

Linking a Gift to a Fundraiser

The fundraiser tracking number associated with a gift should be entered into Crimson at the time of data entry/import, but in cases where it must be added later, it can be done by editing that gift in Crimson.

  • To give credit to a fundraiser for a gift already entered into Crimson, open the gift via the Gifts tab in the donor’s People record or find the contribution through the Search in the Money menu:



  • Click Edit and start entering the fundraiser’s tracking number in the Track # As you enter the tracking number, a drop-down list will populate with existing fundraisers that start with those numbers. The Amount field will automatically be filled in with the entire gift amount, but you can edit this before clicking Add Fundraiser.

Creating and Managing Fundraiser Groups

Click Settings under the People menu and then select the Fundraiser Groups

A list of your existing fundraiser groups will appear and you can scroll through the pages of your list using the left and right arrow or by clicking the desired page number at the bottom.

  • You can search for certain fundraiser groups either by Code or Description using the Quick Search and then clicking the blue magnifying glass icon to run the search.
  • To view and edit a group, click the  button.
  • To delete a group, click the  button. 
  • To create a new group, click the Add button and a new Fundraiser Group window will appear.

  • Enter a short Group Code of up to 10 characters that will help you remember its significance.
  • Enter the full Description for the group and then click the Save button once you’ve completed these two fields.

Creating and Managing Fundraiser Titles

  • Click Settings under the People menu and then select the Fundraiser Title

Titles are managed in the same way as groups, but do not have descriptions. See above for directions.

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