Crimson 2: Photo Inbox

Crimson’s Photo Inbox allows you to send files via email from a computer or mobile device straight into your Crimson database so that you can easily add them to your People records later.

Sending Files to your Photo Inbox

To add a file to your Photo Inbox, send an email to from the email address you have linked to your Crimson account. You should receive a confirmation email from CMDI confirming the photo was received for processing. To add another email address, contact Crimson Customer Support: You may attach a photo to the email. The subject line of the email will appear as the file’s name within your Photo Inbox.

Using the Photo Inbox

You can access your Photo Inbox by clicking on the   link, which is located on the top right-hand side of your Crimson dashboard.

Once you have opened the Photo Inbox, you can view your photos either in Photo View or List View and you have several action options for the photo file.

  • To view the photo, click View.
  • To attach a photo to an existing People record, click Attach.
    • A People search window will appear. Find the record you wish to add the photo to and click Select.
    • You will be prompted, “Are you sure to add the photo?” Click Yes.
    • When you have saved the photo, close the People record window.
  • To save a photo outside of Crimson on your computer, click Download. Choose a file name and location, then click Save.
  • To delete a photo from the inbox, click Delete.
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