Crimson 2: Contributions - Earmarks and Conduit Payments

Step 1 – Enter the Conduit:

  • Know the aggregate amount for the conduit based on the total of your earmarked contributions and the date they were transferred.
  • Enter it like a regular receipt EXCEPT select the Payment Type of EM – Earmark
    • By selecting this payment type, this payment will automatically be marked as a memo with FEC Memo Text of “See Attributions below”.

Step 2 – Enter the Earmarked Contributions:

Option 1 – Manually Applying Each Earmarked Contribution

  • Under the conduit’s money record, click the Adjust button and select Earmark Attribution under the Adjustment drop-down menu.


  • Then select the Adjustment Date, enter the Adjustment Amount, and add the donor who should be attributed with this amount by using the Quick Search

**Please note: Donor records should already be created in Crimson.

  • Click Apply.
  • Continue to apply all of the earmarked contributions until done.

**Please note: For the earmarked attribution records, the FEC Memo Text will read “Earmark from _______” with the name of the conduit’s record.

Option 2 – Import the Earmarked Contributions

  • Under the conduit’s money record, click Import Attributions.
  • Follow the normal importing steps 1 – 6
    • Step 1: Upload File
    • Step 2: Import Type
    • Step 3: Map Fields
    • Step 4: Validate Records
    • Step 5: Import (Output for Review)
    • Step 6: Result (Output Results)

Please see the Crimson HelpDesk for a sample import template.

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