Crimson 2: Other Receipts - Data Entry

Other Receipts Data Entry is the process of manually adding receipts that aren't contributions such as interest, loans, vendor refunds, etc. and vendors into the database. Other Receipt Data Entry is nearly identical to the Expenditure Data Entry process, with one major difference: FEC line Numbers.

Other Receipts:

  • Click the  menu and select  from the submenu.
  • Under the Receipt section, click . A new Receipt window will appear that allows you to either search for an existing vendor or create a new one.
    • Click  to create a new vendor or begin entering the vendor’s name into the Quick Search box and matching vendors will appear in a drop-down. You can select the correct vendor from the drop-down to open a new Receipt window and enter the details.

Required Fields for Data Entry:

  • Transaction Date – Enter the date the receipt was received. This will be the date that appears on the FEC report.
  • Amount – The amount of the other receipt.
  • Fund Code – Fund Code can represent an election cycle or committee (e.g. P2016 = Primary 2016, C – PAC, etc.). A drop-down menu for existing fund codes is available.

**Please note: This is for categorization in the database only, there’s a separate field for Election CD if you wish to display this on a FEC report.

  • Account – If you are distinguishing which bank account the receipt was deposited, then select the correct code from the drop-down menu. If you are not differentiating between accounts, use the “N/A – N/A” code.
  • Line Number – Select the correct FEC line number for the receipt from the drop-down menu.
  • G/L Code – The box below is your G/L Account field. If you aren’t using a G/L code, the system will automatically assign a “UD – Undefined code”. Otherwise, enter the breakdown of the receipt by G/L code here.

Additional Fields include:

  • FEC Description – Description of the receipt that shows up on the FEC report. A list of suggested/pre-approved descriptions will appear in a drop-down as you start entering your description. You may select one of these descriptions or use your own.
  • Memo Indicator – Indicates if an entry is a memo item.
  • Election – This is the field you use to indicate if the receipt is for a particular election (e.g. P = Primary, G = General, etc).
  • Year – This is the field used to define the year of the election code reference above (e.g. 2016).
  • Other Election – If the election is not standard – such as a Convention or Recall – use this field to define the appropriate election.
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