Crimson 2: Contributions - JFC Contributions and Attributions

When a committee receives a contribution from a Joint Fundraising Committee (JFC) both the JFC check and the attribution information need to be entered. There are two ways to get the attribution details into Crimson, but first you will want to start by entering the JFC contribution itself.  

Entering the JFC Donor Record

If the JFC doesn’t already exist in Crimson, then use the Add a Record feature under the People Menu to create the record.  Be sure to give the committee the People Type of Joint Fundraising Committee.

Entering the JFC Contribution

Rather than using the Data Entry module, you will add the contribution directly in the JFC’s people record:

1. Perform a People Search for the JFC, and open its profile.

2. Click the blue  button located below the profile dashboards.

3. Key in the Amount of the gift (this should be the actual check/wire amount received from JFC)

4. Key in remaining fields – Batch # (create your own), Batch Date, Fund Code and Source Code.

5. Change the Payment Type to JF – Joint Fundraising Committee.

6. Click Save.

Importing Attributions

First, you’ll need to format the file to fit the following criteria:

1. Must be saved as an excel document.

2. Must have the following required fields:


3. May also want to include the following fields:

  • CITY
  • ZIP

(**Please note: when used, this batch date will be on the FEC report. If not used then the JFC payment’s batch date will be used for all attributions as default).

4. Remove any superfluous rows and columns

When your file is ready:

1. Perform a People Search to find the JFC record you keyed earlier.

2. Open the contribution that you wish to attribute funds to.

3. Click on the Import Attributions link along the top of the screen.

4. Follow the steps to complete the import. In Step 1, click on the Upload File button to select the file of attribution details that you saved.  The records should fill in to the space below Step 1. **If no records fill in here, please go back and check the formatting of your file.

5. Choose the option that is best for you in Step 2.

6. Click on Step 3 to begin mapping the column headers in your file to the field names in Crimson. **Please note: If you would like to save the mapping to use in the future, click Save Mapping.

7. Click on Step 4 and then click the Validate Now button. If there are any errors, go back and fix them in the file.

8. Click Step 5, and press the Import button. When the load is complete a message will appear stating, “# of records imported”, you can now select the Save Now button to save the results of your import.  The import is complete.

OR Manually Key Attributions

Manual entry of attributions is very similar to partnership attribution and other adjustments. Before you begin assigning attributions you will need to make sure each of the recipient donors are in Crimson. You can do this by using the Add a Record feature under the People menu. Then take the following steps:

1. Perform a People Search to find the JFC record you keyed earlier.

2. Open the contribution that you wish to attribute funds to.

3. Click on the blue Adjust button.

4. Choose the adjustment type AB – JFC Attribution.

5. Key the appropriate Adjustment Date.

6. Key the appropriate Amount.

7. Enter the donor’s PID or First and Last Name then click the search button.

8. Once the correct donor is located, click Select.

9. Now click Apply to complete the attribution.

10. Repeat the process for each donor you wish to attribute funds to.

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