Crimson 2: Events - Invitees List for Import

The Events Module Import option allows you to add a list of invitees to an event.

Prepping Your File:

Before you begin importing please save the file as an Excel.

The following are the available fields for import:

Columns to Include


ID Use field if the vendor already exists in Crimson. This is suggested to avoid duplicate issues.
People Type Options:
I = Individual
P = Multi-Candidate Pac
O = Non Multi-Candidate Pac
R = Partnership & LLC
C = Candidate Campaign Committee
S = State or Local Party Committee
N = National Party Committee
T= Other

Prefix, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, & Suffix


Each of these fields should be parsed out into their own separate column
Employer & Occupation

Each of these fields should be parsed out into their own separate column

Salutation * Informal Salutation Use to search gift details like batch information, money type, coding, etc.
Spouse Name This field can have first name for spouses with the same last name or first and last name when the last names are different.
Address Type Only import one type at a time. Options:
H = Home
B = Business
S = Seasonal
O = Other
Street, Address Line 1, City, State, Zip, & Plus 4 Each of these fields should be parsed out into their own separate column
Home Phone, Business Phone, Fax, Cell Phone, & Email Each of these fields should be parsed out into their own separate column
Event Status Default status options in Crimson are: Invited, Confirmed, Attended.See below for more information on where to add/edit status options
Attend Date Also known as the RSVP date
Table NoC Use this field if using assigned table numbers for an event
Answer Use this to answer the questions already created for an event. Can answer up to 25 questions for an event.


Importing the Event List:

Click on the  button on the left side of the menu screen, and then click Import. Follow the import steps:

Step 1: Upload File

Click the Upload File button and then select the file you’ve saved to your computer for import.

Step 2: Import Type

Select Event from the drop down menu (it’s the very last option)

Select the Event Code you are importing your invitees to.  Or, if the event does not yet exist, click  to create it.

You can also select whether or not to overwrite existing data.

Step 3: Map Fields

The first column will display the column headers of your file.  The second column will have drop down menus with Crimson headers.  Map the fields together by selecting the corresponding Crimson headers for your file.

Step 4: Validation

Click to scan your file for possible errors.  It will display a result if any occur or display a ready to import result

Step 5: Import

Click Import Now for final import.

Step 6: Result

The result of your import will display.  If any errors occurred you would see them in the “Status” column.  You may save your result to your computer.

See the Crimson: About Events guide for further information on managing Events in Crimson.  

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