Crimson 2 FAQ: How Do I Add a Field to an Imported List?

Question: What is the easiest way to add a field to a list I just imported that didn’t originally have that field?

Answer: The Import module’s key line match functionality avoids duplicating existing files by checking fields such as names, address info, emails, and phone numbers of all the records in the list against what’s existing in the Crimson database.

To add another field (e.g. a flag applied to all records in the list) to a file you’ve already imported, you can simply import the same spreadsheet again with the field added as a new column and add the desired field in Step 3: Map fields.

**For more information on importing lists, please reference the Importing guides on the HelpDesk (Importing Lists to Append Records, Importing New Contribution Records and Importing New People Records).

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