CrimsonFiler FAQ: What is a TRANID?


A TRANID, or transaction ID, is a unique identification code for each transaction within a report, regardless of schedule, and can be any alpha-numeric code you choose. Each transaction entered in CrimsonFiler must have a TRANID and no TRANID can be repeated within a single report.

Transactions imported into CrimsonFiler from Crimson will automatically be assigned a unique TRANID, but for transactions that are manually added on FEC reports in CrimsonFiler or imported from an Excel file must be assigned its own unique TRANID.

We recommend using a meaningful TRANID system that provides certain information about the nature of the transaction such as SA13A001, SA13A002, and so on for transactions within Schedule A for line # 13A. When demarcating multiple transactions within another larger transaction, we recommend using TRANIDs that reflect that reference such as SA13A001.00

Example in CrimsonFiler:


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