Crimson 2 FAQ: How Do I Apply a Chargeback Adjustment to a Donation?

Question: How do I apply a chargeback adjustment to a donation?

Answer: A chargeback is applied to a donation when there is a need to reimburse a part or all of a gift made with a debit or credit card.

Most chargebacks are necessary when either requested by the donor or when a notification is received from the credit card processing company.

  • To apply a chargeback, you can either search for the individual’s record in the People menu using the Search function or you can search for the gift in the Money menu’s Search.
  • Open the contribution in which the chargeback is to be applied to by clicking the  button.
  • Click Adjust to open an Adjustment box and Adjustment Date field will appear.
  • Select CB – Chargeback – Full to issue a chargeback for the full contribution amount or PC – Chargeback – Partial to only issue a partial chargeback from the Adjustment drop-down menu. When PC – Chargeback – Partial is chosen, an Amount field will appear for you to enter the partial chargeback amount.

The Adjustment Date will automatically be filled in with the current date. You may edit this date to reflect the original contribution date by either manually entering the correct date or using the Calendar icon to select it.

  • Click  to apply the chargeback to the contribution or  to cancel the adjustment.

The gift is then deducted from the donor’s record. The chargeback will show as a negative on Schedule A on FEC reports.

**Please reference the Contribution Adjustments FAQ on the HelpDesk to determine if the chargeback adjustment is the correct one that should be applied to the contribution.

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