Crimson 2 FAQ: How Do I Link an Event to a Source Code?

Link a source code to an event to attribute money from that source to the event. This will also automatically link donors whose donations are associated to that source code into the new event.

  • To link a source code to your event, first go to the Money menu, select Settings, and open the Source
  • Search for the source code you would like to link to the event. You can search by the Source Code or the Description using the Quick Search tool or go through the pages at the bottom.
  • Click the  button to open the Source Code window.
  • Enter the Event Code you created when you saved your event into the Post $ to Event field to link the donations from that Source Code to the event. A drop-down of events that match what you’ve entered will populate. Select the correct event and then click Save.


Now all donors and contributions associated to that source code will automatically be affiliated with the linked event code. 

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