Crimson 2: About Tasks

The Tasks function in Crimson allows users to assign fundraising calls, correspondence assignments or other related tasks to one another as well as to a candidate.

Creating and Editing Tasks within People Records

  • To create or edit a task, first open the People record the task is to be assigned to.

    Note: For information on how to find and open a People record, please see Crimson: People Search on the Helpdesk.
  • Once within a People record, you will see a menu of tabs below the profile dashboards.

  • Click the Tasks tab to view a list of tasks associated with this record, and options to create or edit tasks.

  • To see a full list of tasks, including completed tasks, click the checkbox marked Include Completed.
  • To edit a task in the list, click the  button. The Task window with that task’s information will appear.  After you have finished editing, click Save or Cancel.
  • To delete a task in the list, click the  button.
  • To create a new task, click the Add button. In the new window, you can input information about the task.


  • Select the task type from the Type drop-down menu, a purpose for the task from the Purpose drop-down menu, and a priority level from low to high from the Priority drop-down menu.
  • Set the due date of the task by entering a date into the Due Date text field or by clicking the calendar icon.
  • Assign the task to yourself or another Crimson user with the For drop-down menu. You may also select yourself or another user in the By drop-down menu to show who assigned the task.
  • You may input additional descriptive or background information in the Notes section.
  • Click the Save button to save the task or the Cancel button to not save the task.
  • To mark the task as completed, open the task for editing and use the fields at the bottom of the window. Click the checkbox marked Completed. Crimson will automatically fill the completion date with the current date and your name for the Completed By field. You may use the text field or calendar icon to change the completion date and change the user who completed it from the By drop-down menu.

Crimson will automatically keep a record of the task, but if you do not wish to save a record of it after it is completed, click the checkbox marked Keep as History once to turn off that setting.

**Please note: You can also use the Mass Append function to assign tasks to multiple records at once. For more information, please see Mass Append – Flag, Keyword, Notes, Events and Tasks on the HelpDesk.

Using My Tasks

The My Tasks menu at the top of your Crimson welcome screen shows a list of all your pending tasks.  The list will display the Due Date, Type, and Purpose of each task.

  • To see a summary of a task in the list, hover over the task with your mouse, and a small window will appear with basic information.
  • Click on the Purpose text of the task in the list to open the Task window. From there, you can see all the task information, make edits, enter notes, and add information on the completion of the task.  See the directions above for instructions on editing a task.

Marking a task as complete in the Task window will clear it from your My Tasks list.

Pulling Lists of Tasks/Creating Call Sheets

  • Within the People menu, click on Tasks/Calls along the left side menu options.  Here you can create lists of tasks based on who created them, who they are assigned to, due date, and completion status.
  • Under Step 1, a list of users will display.  Select users who assigned tasks by clicking the checkboxes next to their names, or select all users by clicking Check/Uncheck All.
  • Under Step 2, another list of users will display.  To select tasks assigned to certain users, click the checkboxes next to their names, or select all users by clicking Check/Uncheck All.
  • In Step 3, select tasks for all dates, or specify a range of Due Dates or Completed Dates
  • In Step 4, select whether to include only open tasks, completed tasks, or both.
  • In Step 5, you can use flags, keywords, or a specific state to filter your list even further.
  • In Step 6, you can run your search based on the criteria you have entered in Steps 1-5 by clicking Search Now.  You’ll then view the results, and options to view, complete, and/or save the tasks.


  • Click Save to save the list of tasks to your computer as a Microsoft Excel document or a .csv file.
  • Click Print Summary to view a printable version of the list of tasks.
  • Click Print Call Sheets > to create call sheets with information about each task.  Choose one of the four call sheet style options to open a printable document.


    • Full Profile will generate call sheets including comprehensive summary information about each record, including contact information, giving history, previous task assignments, event participation, flags, keywords, and notes.
    • Brief Profile will generate call sheets emphasizing the task note and including summary information about the record, such as contact information and giving history.
    • Pocket Profile will generate short call sheets with basic information on each task and the associated contact in a convenient pocket sized page.
    • PAC Profile will generate a call sheet geared for making Pac calls. Contact information from the contacts tab will be included.
  • Click Open Donor to view or edit the People record associated with a highlighted task in the list.
  • Click Open Task to open the Task window to view or edit a highlighted task in the list.
  • Reassign one or more tasks to another user by highlighting the tasks in the list and selecting the desired user from the drop-down menu marked Reassign Tasks to and clicking Reassign Now.
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