Crimson 2: Fundraising Codes - Source Code Creation and Import

Every gift must be assigned to a Source Code for data entry and that Source Code must exist in Crimson before the gift can be entered. So before you begin data entry or import gifts, you should first focus on entering your codes.

Note: If you have not already, please take a minute to review the Crimson: Fundraising Codes guide on the HelpDesk for more information on fundraising codes. It will define several terms in this document.

Entering Source Codes One at a Time

If you have a single Source Code, or just a handful, it’s easiest to enter them manually one at a time. Each Source Code must be linked to an Initiative Code, so begin by confirming which initiative will be linked and creating a new one if necessary. **Each Initiative Code must also be linked to a Program so that all three codes are linked to one another.

To add a new Initiative, click on the Money menu, then the Settings section and the Initiative tab. From there you can search for an existing initiative or create a new one by clicking .

Enter the Code you want to use and then add a Description. Use the drop-down menu under the description to select the appropriate Program. You may also select an Initiative Type and enter a Note, but those fields are not required. Then click Save.

If you are entering a single source code and you would like to name it the same thing as the initiative you just created, click on the Create a Single Source Code button that appears after you’ve created the new initiative.

Otherwise, go back to the Settings section under the Money menu and click on the Source tab. Creating a new source code is very similar to creating a new initiative, click on , enter your Code and Description and select the linked Initiative from the drop-down menu. Then click Save.


Importing Source Codes

Start by entering your source codes and descriptions into your import template. If you haven’t already, please download the Source Code Import Template (see attachment below) from the HelpDesk. The required fields are Source Code and Source Description. Confirm that the correct linked Initiative has already been entered into Crimson; if not, please follow the directions above for creating an initiative.

Be sure to only have a single Source worksheet in the excel file and delete any unnecessary worksheets.

Next, go to the Settings section under the Money menu and click the  button to open the Initiative that you want to link these source codes to. Click the button within the Initiative’s window.

  • In Step 1: Upload File, click the  button and select the file you want to import.

  • In Step 2: Import, click the  button to load the source codes into the database.
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