Crimson 2: Events Overview

Crimson allows you to create and manage your fundraising events.  Below is the complete overview of the Crimson Events features.

Events Manager

  • Go into the People menu and click on Event. The events will automatically be in the default List view that allows you to add, edit, or delete You can also add and link a new source code to an event from this view by clicking the  button.
  • You can click Calendar to see your scheduled events laid out in daily, weekly, monthly views, or as an agenda. You can also check the Upcoming Events Only checkbox if you don’t want to see past events.
  • In the Quick Search tool, you can search for events by Descriptions or Event Codes.

Creating an Event

  1. To create a new event, go to the select Events under the People menu of Crimson.
  2. Click  within the List A new Event window will appear for editing.
  3. Enter all of your event information into the fields. Required fields: Code, Description, and Event Date are marked with a . When you have entered data into these fields, you can click  to create the event.

Additional Fields

  • For events over multiple days, check the  checkbox to add a second set of date and time fields – End Date and End Time. Enter the start date in the Event Date and Event Time fields.
  • You may add a goal fundraising amount in the Goal $ field, a cost amount in the Cost $ field, select the default Fund Code from the drop-down menu, and leave a comment under the Event Details
  • For the event’s location, you can use the tool which allows you to search for an address. As you begin typing in a location, the drop-down will suggest matching addresses. When you select one, the address fields will automatically be filled in for you and the location will be mapped below.
  • You also have the option of manually entering an address into the Street, City, State, and Zip Code fields. 
  • You may add additional info such as the Venue, Host, or Staff Lead.

Editing an Event

  1. To edit an event, click the  button. 
  2. Once you’re in the Edit an Event window, you can see summary boxes at the top with basic information on the event’s fundraising numbers calculated from the gifts and pledges associated and the event cost as entered.
  3. When you have entered data into these fields, you can click  to create the event.

Adding/Editing Invitees for an Event

The  section within the Events window will display a list of existing invitees which can be exported by pressing the Download button.

  • You can scroll through the pages of your list of invitees using the left and right arrows or by clicking on the desired page number at the bottom. You can also control how many invitees you’d like to have displayed per page: 5, 10, or 20.
  • To open an invitee’s record, click the  button which will take you to the People record’s profile.
  • To open an invitee’s record, click  the button which will take you to the People record’s Event Participation window in his/her profile.
  • To delete an invitee from the event, click the  button.
  • To print a profile or call sheet for all of the invitees, click the Print Profile button and select the type of profile you wish to print from the drop-down menu.
  • To add a new invitee, click the  button and the Search Invitee window will appear. Search for the record by either ID, First/Last Name, Email, Employer or Occupation. Select the correct record in the list of results by clicking the up arrow which will open an Add Event Participation editor window.
  • Event Code and Description should already be filled out with the appropriate data. Select Invited, Confirmed, or Declined from the Status drop-down menu. If you’d like to create/edit your event statuses, please go to Settings in the People Menu and open the Event Status tab to do so.
  • If the person has RSVP’d, enter the RSVP date in the field or click the calendar icon to select it from the calendar. You may enter a table assignment in the Table # field and any additional info in the Comment field.
  • You may enter any answers to questions associated with the event under the Questions section.  
  • Under the Payment section, a payment can be added for the event by clicking . A Donation List window will display corresponding gifts. Click on a gift once to highlight it and then press Select. To remove a payment, click that gift once to highlight it and then press .
  • You may wish to add guests associated with that invitee (e.g. when the invitees are allowed one or more guests or if the “invitee” is an organization/PAC). Under the Guest section, a list of existing guests will appear along with a couple of controls.

  • Click  to open a Contact List window and select guests from the list of contacts associated to that People record. You may search the contacts by entering info into the Search box at the top of the window and then click the  button. Click the contact you wish to add as a guest to highlight it and press Select.
  • To add a guest who isn’t listed as an existing contact, click  to open an Add Event Guest Enter the basic info about the guest in the fields within the Guest section then click the Question section to specify answers to any existing questions for that event. Click Save or Cancel.
  • When you’ve finished adding guests, click Save to save the invitee and return to the event or Cancel.

Adding/Editing Questions for an Event

  • You may add questions to the event under the  section at the bottom of the window. This allows you to specify certain information for each invitee. Enter the question in the field and then click Add.
  • To edit an existing question, click on the question, make your edits, and then click Save. If the question requires a numeric answer, click the checkbox in the Numeric column once to fill it.
  • To delete an existing question, click the . A confirmation message will appear asking: “Are you sure to delete the question -__________”. Select Yes or No.

Adding/Editing Attachments to an Event

  • You can add/edit attachments to the event under . To add an attachment, click the button and select the file from your computer.
  • To send an existing attachment as an email, click the button, complete the email (ie. To, CC, Subject, and Message), and click Send.
  • To delete an existing attachment, click the A confirmation message will appear asking: “Are you sure to delete this attachment - __________”. Select Yes or No.

Adding an Invitee to an Event via His/Her People Record

  • To add invitees through their records, open their People record and click the  section.  A list of events to which that record had already been added to will appear along with a few controls.

A list of events to which that record had already been added to will appear along with a few controls.

  • Click Add to add a new event. An Event Participation editor window will appear for editing. Select the event code from the Code drop-down menu and then follow the instructions above for adding an invitee.
  • Click the  button to edit an event under a record.
  • Click the button to delete an event from a record.
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