Crimson 2: People Search - How to Create Suppression Flags for Advanced Export

You can enable flags for suppression within the Advanced Export by Channel feature. Once they have been enabled, all flags with the correct settings will be suppressed when the Apply Suppression Flag check-box has been marked for a channel. For example:

Take the following steps to setup your Advanced Export Suppression Flags:

1. Go to the People menu on the left side menu options of Crimson, and then select Settings. 

2. Make sure you are on the Flag tab within the window that appears to the right.

3. Click the  button to make edits to your existing Flags or click the Add button to create a new code.

4. Check the “This is a Channel Suppression Flag” and then select which Channel should include the flag for suppression when indicated.

5. Click Save Changes.

6. Use the Apply Suppression Flag check box during the Advanced Export when needed.

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