Crimson 2: People - Date of Birth Field

In Crimson, you can keep track of People records’ Date of Births as well as search for records with a DOB in a certain date range.

Adding/Editing the Date of Birth in a People Record

1. To edit the Date of Birth, open a People record and click  at the top of the Profile.

2. Add or edit the date by using the calendar or by manually entering the date, then click .

Using the Date of Birth Field in the People Search

1. To search for People records with a Date of Birth in a certain date range, go to the People menu and select Search.

2. In the Birthday Month/Day field, under the Profile filter, enter the starting date and ending date that you are searching for.

  • Each date must be in the following format – 2 numeric characters for the month followed by 2 numeric characters for the day. For example, 1201 for December 1st and 1231 for December 31st.
  • Please note, the search does not work properly when two dates that span between two months with different years are used. For example, 1215 for December 15th, 2015 and 0115 for January 15th, 2016.

3. Once your results are generated and exported in excel, you can view the Date of Birth field for each record in the DOB




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