Crimson 2: Treasury - Entering Deposits


In the Treasury section of Crimson, you can enter deposits to help keep track of the current balance in your bank account.

**These deposits will not be reported in your FEC reports.

  • To enter a deposit, go to the  menu of Crimson and select  . Then click the  button.
  • In order to add a new deposit receipt, you’ll need to use the Quick Search to find the existing vendor to attribute the deposit to or click the button to create a new vendor record for the deposit (ie. Bank).
  • Once you’ve selected the vendor or created a new vendor, you’ll be taken to the new Add Receipt window to complete the deposit record.
    • You’ll want to complete all of the necessary information for your deposit including: the date, deposit amount, bank account, etc.
    • In order to ensure that this deposit is not affecting your FEC reports and is only for internal use, you’ll need to select the Line Number of “NR – Contribution Deposit Total”.

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