Crimson 2 FAQ: How to Stop a Recurring Gift in Crimson

In late 2015, we added a feature to Crimson that allows you to stop recurring gifts that were originally processed in the database (through Donate Now or Data Entry) on/after 11/1/2015. This can be done directly in the money record in Crimson.

If the recurring gift was first processed through Crimson before 11/1/2015, please contact for assistance in stopping the recurring contribution.

If the recurring gift was first processed through WidgetMakr, please reference WidgetMakr's HelpDesk FAQ on How to Stop a Recurring Gift in WidgetMakr

**Please note, you can stop a recurring gift that was originally processed in WidgetMakr (on/after 11/1/2015) in Crimson, but the details for that record in WidgetMakr will not indicate that the recurring transaction was already stopped in the database.


Stopping a Recurring Gift in Crimson:

  1. Search for the donor using the People Search and open the people record.
  2. Confirm that you’re in the  view under the  tab and find the original recurring gift the donor first submitted.
  3. Open that money record by double-clicking on it or pressing the  button.
  4. At the bottom of the money record, find and press the  button to stop the recurring gift from processing going forward.
  5. You’ll be asked “Are you sure to stop recurring this gift?” Press  .
  6. Once the recurring gift has been successfully stopped, the checkbox will no longer be checked and the  button will no longer be available in the money record.


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