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If you’ve opened a Merchant e-Solutions (MeS) merchant account via CMDI (WidgetMakr and/or Crimson), you will be able to process credit card transactions directly in Crimson through Data Entry or the Donate Now feature. If you know that you have a MeS merchant account, but the Donate Now feature isn’t enabled, please contact


Please see the Contributions – Data Entry guide for more information on using Data Entry in Crimson.


How to Use Donate Now

You can access the Donate Now feature in Crimson by clicking  in the menu at the top right hand of the database. The Donate Now window will open, where you can go through the steps of processing a credit card transaction directly in Crimson.

  1. You can either use the Profile Quick Search to find an existing donor’s profile to process this transaction under or manually key in a new donor’s information. All of the fields that contain a red asterisk are required fields.
  2. Once you’ve completed the form, check the Disclaimer
  3. Then click the  button that becomes available at the footer of the window.
  4. The credit card payment fields will appear
    *Please note, Donate Now is the only credit card processing feature in Crimson that does not require a Security or CVV code.

6. Then once you’ve entered all of the credit card info, the button will appear and allow you to process that credit card transaction.  Click this button.

7. If the transaction was processed successfully, you’ll receive a Payment Status or confirmation.


8.  Click Continue to exit the page and be taken back to the Crimson Home page.



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