CrimsonFiler: Creating a Form 1 - Statement of Organization Amendment


Filing a Form 1 amendment using CrimsonFiler is very similar to filing a standard FEC report. If this is the first electronic Form 1 amendment, you’ll need to file it as if it’s a new Statement of Organization because you will not have an Original Report # to reference. The FEC will recognize that this first electronically filed Form 1 is an amendment to the original report that was filed by paper.

Creating an Amendment

  1. In CrimsonFiler, click on  on the left to access all of your reports.
  2. Find the last filed FEC Form 1 that you’d like to amend and click the  button to the left.
  3. A new window will appear asking, “Are you sure to create Amendment?” Click OK.
  4. Once you click OK, CrimsonFiler will take you to the main cover page of the Form 1 amendment. The information from the original report will already be copied over.  Edit as needed.

Preparing the Amendment

  1. Confirm the data already pre-filled from the original report is all correct (i.e. Comm. Name, Comm. FEC ID, Address, Custodian/Treasurer, etc.).
  2. Update or add any new information to the amendment.
  3. In the Status section on the left hand side, enter or confirm the following info:
    1. The Amendment # should pre-fill (i.e. “3” if it’s the third Form 1 amendment) in the Amend# Confirm that the correct amendment # is listed. If it’s not correct, manually update the Amend # and click the  button.

Please note:  You can count the number of Form 1 amendments that were previously filed on the FEC’s website to determine which amendment # should be used next. As long as the Amend# is greater than the last amendment # used, you should be able to electronically file the report.

    1. The FEC report number of the first electronically filed Form 1 should pre-fill in the Original Report# Confirm that the correct original FEC report number is listed. If it’s not correct, manually update the Original Report# and click the  button. If you do not have the original report number on hand, you can retrieve it via the FEC’s website.


  1. Do not fill in the Report# field (this is auto filled with the FEC confirmation report ID once the report is successfully filed).
  2. Leave the Filed? field marked as No. If you file electronically, this will automatically update after you upload your report.  If you are a Senate candidate and file on paper, you will need to mark this as filed after you print your report and mail it.  Once a report is marked as filed, you can no longer make edits.

Generating and Filing the Amendment

  1. Click  to see if the report has passed or failed the FEC’s validation.
    • If it failed, review any errors/warnings received to see what needs to be corrected in the report.
  2. Click  if you want to preview your report in the standard FEC PDF format.
  3. If filing the report on paper, click the Print icon to print the report to send for approval and filing.
  4. If you are filing the report electronically, click .  Enter your email address in the Email #1 text field and your FEC filing password into the Password field, then click  and the amendment will file directly to the FEC. You should receive a confirmation email from the FEC if your report was successfully uploaded.



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