Crimson 2: Compliance - MeS CC Reconciliation Reports

If you have a Merchant e-Solutions (MeS) merchant account linked to your Crimson database, you can use the CC Reconciliation reports available to help you reconcile credit card transactions processed via that MeS merchant account.

To access the reports in Crimson, open the Compliance menu then select CC Reconciliation to access the filters you will use to generate the different CC reconciliation reports.  Please contact support at if you do not have access to this menu.


Take the following steps to run your reports:

  • Select the Fund Code you want to filter with (ie. P2016, G2016, etc.).
  • Select the Account Code you want to filter with.
    • If you’re not using different account codes in Crimson, select the default of “N/A – N/A”.
  • Enter a Batch Date range for the credit card transactions (ie. 5/1/2016 – 5/31/2016).
  • Enter the MeS ID, which is identical to the MeS Merchant #, and then the MeS Password.

**Please note, if you don’t know your MeS ID/MeS Merchant # and/or your MeS Password, please contact support at to obtain that information.

Once all of the search criteria has been entered, select which report you would like to generate.


CC Reconciliation Reports

Reconciliation Report: This report allows you to compare the totals for credit card transactions for each day that falls within the date range entered. You will be able to see how much was processed for every card type according to the Crimson database and compare that to what MeS is reporting on a daily basis. This report is helpful when you are having trouble reconciling deposits in transit (CC transactions that were processed near the end of one reporting period and/or at the beginning of another).


MeS Batch Summary: This report displays batch totals according to MeS for each credit card type. It shows total counts and amounts for each card type as well as totals for any merchant credits or refunds that were processed via MeS’ online portal. This report does not show totals per day, but instead it shows the totals for the entire date range you’ve entered in the criteria.


MeS Batch Detail: This report displays the MeS details for all individual transactions that match the criteria you have entered in the filters. In addition to displaying the transaction details from Crimson (ie. batch number, batch date, card type, authorization code, amount, etc.), you can also click the links under Crimson Tran# to view the corresponding Crimson money record.


MeS Chargeback: This report allows you to pull MeS chargebacks that were submitted by donors in your Crimson database. You can pull the same chargeback details you normally would via MeS’ online portal, but you can also click the links under Crimson Tran# to view the original transaction that the donor submitted the chargeback for and/or view the chargeback adjustment record in Crimson by clicking on the links under Crimson CB Tran# to confirm that the chargeback was handled properly.

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