Crimson 2: Notes

The Notes function in Crimson allows users to keep track of notes within a People record. When adding a note, the user can include a subject, date, note, and attachment.

**Since notes can be open-ended with no character limits, they cannot be searched for using the People search. In order to view a note, you will need to open the note within the People record or generate the Full Profile call sheet. There are also reports in the Data Maintenance section of the Reports menu that allow you to pull notes in mass by subject, state, date, etc. - #1002, #1003, and #1005.

Creating and Editing Notes within People Records

  1. To create or edit a note, first open the People record the note is to be assigned to. For information on how to find and open a People record, please see the Crimson: People Search solution on the HelpDesk.
  2. Once within a People record, you will see a menu of tabs below the profile dashboards. Click the Notes tab to view a list of notes associated with this record and options to create or edit notes. 
  3. To edit a note in the list, click the  button. The Note window containing that note’s information (subject, date, note, and attachment) will appear. After you have finished editing, click Save or Cancel.
  4. To delete a note in the list, click the  button.
  5. To create a new note, click the  button. In the new window, you can enter the subject, date, note, and attachment. Then click Save.
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