Crimson 2: People Search - Advanced Sorting Feature

In Crimson’s People search, there’s a sorting feature that can be used to specify what order you would like your results to be displayed. The order you specify in this feature will sort the search’s results in Crimson, in the exported Excel, and in the Full Profile call sheets in the manner you choose. 

For example, if you moved Most Recent Gift Date to the top of the list then your People search’s results would sort the list first by Most Recent Gift Date (in descending order since the white arrow is pointing down) and then by PID, Last Name, First Name, Cumulative Total, etc. 

Take the following steps to use this advanced sorting feature:

  1. Before you enter the search criteria in the People Search, click the  button at the top right corner to open the options.
  2. From there, drag and drop the fields in the order of your choice. This will determine how the search results should be displayed by prioritizing the fields at the top of the list.
  3. You can also determine whether you’d like a particular field to sort the results in ascending or descending order by clicking the white arrows in the gray circles to face up or down.
  4. Once you’ve determined the order you’d like your results to be displayed, you can enter your People search criteria and have the order you’ve specified reflected in the search results shown in Crimson, in the search’s Export, and in the Print Full Profile call sheets option.

**Please note, the order you choose to sort your People search results will remain in that order as long as you stay in the People search and continue to use it. Once you’ve left the People search to a different page in Crimson or logged out, the order will go back to the default list shown above.

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