Crimson 2: People Search - Search All Addresses

Crimson allows you to attach multiple addresses to a single People record. For example, you could have a home address, work address, and a seasonal address listed in one person’s record. The address that’s selected as the Primary Address will be the one that appears in search results, profiles/call sheets, Crimson reports, FEC reports, etc.


In Crimson’s People search, you have the option to search for all addresses instead of just the Primary Address.  Take the following steps to do so:

  •  After you’ve entered all of the search criteria in the People search, open the Contact filter and click the Search All Addresses toggle to enable it.

**Please note, by selecting Search All Addresses, the same donor may appear multiple times in the results if they have multiple addresses associated with their People record, and the search criteria that you’ve entered also applies to the secondary address(es).

For example, if you search for a donor who has a home address and a work address and enable the Search All Addresses toggle, he/she will appear twice in your results for each of the different addresses.

  • The records will appear multiple times for each address they have listed in their People record in the Crimson, as well as in the , but the People record will only appear once when you select the  Full Profile/Call Sheet or  options.


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