Crimson 2 FAQ: How to Resolve the Excel Date Import Issue


There is a known issue with Mac Excel versions that are from 2008 or older. These Mac Excel versions can manipulate the date by about 4 years when they are imported into Crimson. 

The dates will look correct in your Excel, but when you upload the file to Crimson, the preview of the file in Step 1: Upload File will show incorrect dates and Crimson will also generate the notification below if it detects dates older than a year: 




Updating the Excel File to Correct Dates before Importing: 

Once you receive the notification above, you’ll need to follow these steps to correct those dates before importing the file. 

  • Open your Excel file, then copy and paste the date column into Notepad. 
  • Open a new Excel file, then copy and paste all of the fields from the original Excel, EXCEPT the date column you already copied into Notepad, into the new Excel file. 
  • Now, copy and paste the dates from Notepad into a column in the new Excel file. 
  • Save the new Excel file and then exit it. 

NOTE: Some versions of Excel have a default setting that does not include Leap Year dates in their formatting (formatting that occurred before January 1904). To fix this and prevent further problems, see and follow their guide based on the version of Excel that you have. If this problem exists in a file that did not originate from you, contact the organization in which you received the file and alert them to the potential issue. 

  • Go to the Import module in Crimson and attempt to upload the new Excel file you just saved. 
  • Confirm that the dates look correct in Step 1: Upload File and that you’re not receiving the notification about detecting dates older than a year in the file. If everything looks correct and you’re not receiving that notification, continue through the Import steps to upload your file into Crimson. 


**Please reference the Crimson: Importing – List of New Contributions guides on the HelpDesk for more information about importing into Crimson.

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