CrimsonFiler: Schedule H3 – Transfers from Non-Federal Account

According to the FEC, Schedule H3 – Transfers from Non-Federal Account should be used to show transfers from Non-Federal accounts to Federal accounts in order to pay the Non-Federal account’s share of allocable expenses. These transfers cannot occur more than 10 days before or 60 days after the payments for the expenses are made.

For Schedule H3 – Transfers from Non-Federal Account, you will need to enter this information directly into your FEC report in CrimsonFiler (NOT in your Crimson database).

  1. If your FEC report (Form 3X) in CrimsonFiler, select the Sched H3
  2. You can edit this schedule using one of the following options:
  • Manually – Click  to add a new record. Once you have entered the info (Account Name; Tran ID; Event Name; Receipt Date; Event Type – Administrative, Generic Vote Drive, Direct Fundraising, Direct Candidate Support, Exempt Activities, and Public Communications Referring Only to Party; Amount; Total Amount; Text; and Back Reference info), click Save Changes.
  • Import – Click  to manually import a file into the report. Follow Step 1: Upload file, Step 2: Map Fields, Step 3: Validate, and then click Import Now. Select either Append if you want to add this info to the report’s existing data or Replace if you want to replace the original data in Schedule H2.
  • Duplicate – Click  to copy an existing record.

You can use the Export button if you want to review the information in Schedule H3.

**Please Note: Refer to the Crimson Filer – Schedule H1, Crimson Filer – Schedule H2, Crimson Filer – Schedule H4, and Crimson – Expenditures – Schedule H4 Disbursements for Allocated Federal/Non-Federal Activity guides on the HelpDesk for more information on the other sections of Schedule H.

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