CrimsonFiler FAQ – How to Forgive a Personal Funds Candidate Loan

Update the Loan in Crimson

**The following is only a recommendation for forgiving a personal candidate loan in Crimson. For accurate information, please visit or contact your RAD analyst.

1. On the Treasury Dashboard in crimson, click the mceclip1.png action button.

2. You can either look up the vendor record for your candidate, or add a new one if you haven’t already included them in Crimson.

3. The vendor should be the candidate’s name and the line number should be SA11D – Contributions from the Candidate.

4. Mark the transaction as a memo item by clicking  and add Memo Text to explain the outstanding balance on the candidate loan has been converted to a candidate contribution.

Update the Loan in Schedule C – CrimsonFiler

  1. Go into CrimsonFiler and go into the  


  1. Either in your new Form 3 report, or in amendment to your last filed Form 3 report, go to the Schedule C


  1. Find the existing candidate loan for updating.
  2. Update the balance to “0” then include, in the report, memo text that explains the candidate loan originated from personal funds and is now a candidate contribution.


  1. Click Save.
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