Crimson FAQ - Thank Yous Dashboard - Program Code Suppression

Control which Programs to include or exclude in the Thank You’s Needed section of the Home Dashboard. By enabling the Suppress from Thank You setting for a Program code, you can view the exact Thank You information your team needs with just a quick glance.

To accomplish this simply:

  1. Head to Money Settings in Crimson and confirm the Program tab is selected.
  2. Select an existing Program code by clicking Picture1.png button.
    • If creating a new Program code, then click Picture2.png to create the new Program and Description

      3. Once in the Add or Edit Program screen, click the Suppress from Thank You check box.



      4. Click Picture4.png when done.


By default, these suppression enabled codes will be excluded from the Thank You’s List Select. You can also manually select program codes you want to exclude from the Thank You List Select search using the below filter:


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