CrimsonFiler: Filing a Form 24 - 24 or 48 Hour Notice of Independent Expenditures Report

Filing a Form24 – 24 or 48 Hour Notice of Independent Expenditures FEC report in CrimsonFiler is very similar to filing a standard report.

  1. Once in your CrimsonFiler account, select the Reports menu and then click Create New. Under the Choose a Report screen, select the Form24: 24 or 48 Hour Notice of Independent Expenditure option.
  2. You will immediately be taken to the Main tab, where you will select either 24-Hour Notice or 48-Hour Notice.

3. Then you will enter the Cover Period dates for the report. If this is an amended report, you will also enter the Original Amendment and then click the  button.

4. Once you have saved the Cover Period for your report, go to the Sched E tab. There, you can choose to manually Add your expenditures one-by-one; Import you expenditures from an Excel file; or Import from Crimson the expenditures that you have already entered into your database.

**Please note: When using the Import from Crimson function in CrimsonFiler, you will be asked "Do you want to mark records as reported?". If you select Yes, since you've already marked them as being reported on a 24 or 48-hour report, you will not be able to re-import these same expenditures from Crimson into this report using the Import from Crimson function.

We suggest that you select "No" the first time you import them. Then review the expenditures to verify that everything is correct. Once you have confirmed that all of the information is accurate, import them from Crimson again and this time select "Yes" when asked if you would like them marked as reported. FYI, any IEs filed on a 24 or 48-hour notice will still pull like normal on Form 3 reports.

If you've already marked the expenditures as filed, but need to import them again into your FEC report, you can use the FEC Export under Crimson's Compliance menu by checking the "Include Reported" checkbox. Refer to the FAQ Crimson - Compliance FEC Export on the HelpDesk for more information on the FEC Export functionality.

5. Once you have entered all of the IEs and you are ready to file your report, follow the normal steps you would use when filing any FEC report via CrimsonFiler, Step 2: Generate and Step 3: File.

**Please note: Refer to the Crimson Filer: Creating a FEC Report guide on the HelpDesk for more details about the three ways you can enter receipts into a report as well as generating and filing a FEC report.


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