Crimson 2: Default Bundler Tracking

All Crimson clients have the ability to assign bundler Tracking Numbers to People records when the Lobbyist checkbox is selected and then assign those tracking numbers to contributions.

**Please note: For more information on Bundler/Tracking Number such as advanced bundler settings, please contact

Creating a Tracking Number:

To create a new Tracking # for a bundler/lobbyist, check the Lobbyist checkbox and then press the  button.

A small window will appear for you to enter a new Tracking #. Enter the number you want to assign to the fundraiser’s people record. After you’ve entered the tracking #, click the blue check button to verify whether that number is available.

  • If the tracking # isn’t available, you’ll receive the following message: “Track# already exists”.
  • If the tracking # is available, Crimson will save and assign that number to the people record.

Linking a Gift to a Bundler/Fundraiser:

The bundler tracking number associated with a gift should be entered into Crimson at the time of data entry/import, but in cases where it must be added later, it can be done by editing that gift in Crimson.

  • To credit a fundraiser for a gift already entered in Crimson, open the gift via the Gifts tab in the donor’s People record or find the contributions using the Money Search.
  • Click Edit and start entering the bundler’s tracking number in the Track# As you enter the tracking number, a drop-down list will populate existing fundraisers that start with those numbers.
  • The Amount field will automatically be filled in with the entire gift amount, but you can edit this before clicking Add Fundraiser and completing the update.

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