CrimsonFiler: Filing a Form 5 - Report of Independent Expenditures and Contributions

Filing a Form 5 - Report of Independent Expenditure Made and Contributions Received FEC report in CrimsonFiler is very similar to filing any other report. But currently, only the Independent Expenditures made (SE24) can be imported from Crimson to your FEC report in CrimsonFiler. Contributions received must be entered directly into CrimsonFiler.

1. Once in your CrimsonFiler account, select the Reports menu and then click Create New. Under the Choose a Report screen, select the Form5: Report of Ind Expenditures and Contributions option.

2. You will immediately be taken to the Main tab where you need to update the fields that apply to this report and click the  button:

  • Type: If this is a quarterly Form 5 report, select which quarter it is covering.
  • 24/48 Hour Code: If this is a 24 or 48 hour Form 5 report, select either 24 or 48.
  • Cover Period: Confirm or update the cover period for this Form 5 report.
  • Original Amendment Date: If you’re amending a previously filed Form 5 report, enter the original report’s date.
  • Signature Date: Enter the date you’d like displayed on the first page of the Form 5 beside the signature of the person completing the form.

3. If you have contributions that need to be reported on this Form 5, select the Receipts tab. There, you can choose to manually Add your receipts one-by-one or Import your receipts with an Excel file. You also have the option to Export the data under the receipts tab to review in Excel.

4. If you have Independent Expenditures that need to be reported on this Form 5, select the Expenditures tab. There, you can choose to manually Add your receipts one-by-one, Import your IEs with an Excel file, or Import from Crimson the IEs you've already entered into your database. You also have the option to Export the data under the expenditures tab to review in Excel.

5. Once you've entered all of your transactions and you are ready to file your report, follow the normal steps you would use when filing any FEC report via CrimsonFiler, Step 2: Generate and Step 3: File.

**Please note: Refer to the CrimsonFiler: Creating a FEC Report guide on the HelpDesk for more details about the three ways you can enter receipts into a report as well as generating and filing a FEC report.

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