Crimson 2: Schedule H6 – Shared Fed/Levin Funds Fed Election Activity

According to the FEC, Schedule H6 – Disbursements of Federal and Levin Funds for Allocated Federal Election Activity (SB30A) expenditures must be itemized every time an allocated disbursement is made from a federal or separate allocation account for allocable federal election activity.

Schedule H6 expenditures can be recorded in Crimson and then imported into CrimsonFiler or they can be uploaded directly into your CrimsonFiler FEC report.

**Please note: Refer to the Crimson Filer: Schedule H6 Expenditures guide on the HelpDesk for directions on how to enter this expenditure data directly into your FEC report in CrimsonFiler.

Entering SB30A/Schedule H6 Disbursements into Crimson:

Schedule H6 disbursements can be entered directly into your Crimson database in the same manner you would enter regular Schedule B disbursements, but you’ll want to make sure that you select the line number SB30A – Shared Fed/Levin Funds Fed Election Activity so the additional Event Name and Event Type fields will appear.

Enter the disbursements’ full amount and don’t break it up between the Federal and Levin share. When you use the Import from Crimson function in CrimsonFiler or the FEC Export in Crimson (under the Compliance menu) for Schedule H6, you’ll be able to designate the Federal share percentage. The aggregate will also be calculated at that point per expenditure.

Once you’ve completed all of the fields in Crimson, click the Save button.



**Please note: Refer to the Crimson: Expenditure Data Entry guide for instructions on how to enter expenditures into Crimson and/or the Crimson Filer: Schedule H6 guide for details on how to enter SB30a disbursements directly into CrimsonFiler.

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