Crimson 2 FAQ: How to Manage Over Limit Donors

In Crimson, there are several tools available to help you identify over limit donors and flag them for follow-up long before you need to prepare your FEC filings. However, before you flag these donors for contributing too much, follow the steps below on how to clean up your data by checking for duplicate records and bad addresses.

Once the data has been  clean up your data, you can review your Compliance Dashboard or open the Reports section of Crimson and run reports #406 – Over Limit Donors or #413 – Over Limit Donor Summary to take further action.

Where to Look for Over Limit Donors in Crimson

Data Entry

When keying a donation to an existing donor’s record, you will see a Fund Code Totals area that displays the total amount the donor has given to each active Fund Code, and what remaining amount they can give before reaching their limit.  A warning message will also appear letting you know that the donation being keyed will put the donor over the limit if it exceeds the limit set for that particular fund code.


Under the Gift Totals section, you can scroll through the box to see which funds the donor has contributed to and how much they can still give before hitting the contribution limit.


How to Clean Up Your Data for Over Limit Donor Review

Before running your Over Limit Donor reports, it is advised to first run checks for irregular names, bad addresses, and duplicates.

Check for Irregular Names

  1. Go to the Compliance Dashboard.
  2. Click on the blue number above Irregular Names.
  3. A new window will open that will list all of the names that have potential errors. You can go through the list to make corrections or export them.

Check for Duplicates

  1. Return to the Compliance Dashboard and click on the blue numbers above Possible Duplicates (Individuals). This section contains a list of people records that have similar names, addresses or employers.
  2. A new window with a list of possible duplicates will appear. Scroll through the list, click  to be taken to the merge tool for review and merging of the records.

Check for Bad Addresses

  1. Go to the Reports men of Crimson.
  2. Click on the Data Maintenance submenu of Crimson.
  3. Find report #101 – Bad Address and click Run.
  4. A new window with a list of records with possible bad addresses will appear. Review and update records as needed.

Run Over Limit Reports

Once you have checked your data for irregular names, bad addresses and duplicates, you should run your over limit report.

Compliance Dashboard

The Uncoded Over Limit Donors area of the Compliance menu Dashboard displays donors that are currently over limit and have not had an Exception Code applied to them (see the Crimson: Exception Codes guide for more information on how to use these codes to manage your compliance letters).  Click on the name of the donor to view their full profile. Click on the More button to see a complete list of possible over limit donors.

Over Limit Reports

  1. Click on the Reports section on the Crimson menu and then select Compliance.
  2. Select the over limit donor report which you would like to run:
  • #406 Over Limit Donors: Donors with a Cycle-to-Date amount that exceeds the limit. Results include: donor name, address, over limit fund code, limit, CTD amount, last gift ID and date, comments on money type, adjustments, exception codes, and spouse name.
  • #410 Over Limit Donors: Donors with a Cumulative Total amount that exceeds the fund limit based on the funds you have selected.

Results include: donor name, address, over limit fund code, limit, cumulative total, last gift ID and date, Comments with money type, adjustments, exception codes, and spouse name.

  • #413 Over Limit Donors Summary: Donors with a Cycle-to-Date amount that exceeds the limit. This report gives more contact information, and donor summary details.

Results include: donor name, phone numbers, email, fund code cumulative total, limit, excess amount, CTD, last gift MID (per fund code), and source code for that gift.   

  • #4066 Over Limit Donors Gift Details: This report lists all donations for the fund codes selected for a donor who is over limit.

Results include: donor name, address, fund code over limit, gift ID, amount and date, Limit for Fund Code, CTD amount, YTD amount, and comment with money type, adjustments, exception codes, and spouse name.

  1. Your results will populate in a new window.
  2. If you wish to export the results to an Excel document, click on the blue  button.
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