Crimson 3: Compliance Dashboard

The Crimson 3 Compliance Dashboard helps you keep your data as FEC compliant as possible by alerting you when records should be reviewed and/or addressed further.

  • There is a Dashboard Navigation Bar at the top right corner of the page where you can access:
    • CrimsonFiler
    • FEC Export
    • CC Reconciliation (available to Merchant e-Solutions merchant account enabled databases)
    • Compliance Settings
  • The red Possible Duplicates card will open the mass merging Deduping Tool used to merge multiple pairs of duplicate records at a time. In Crimson 3, the deduping tool has been enhanced to include both individuals and non-individuals/organizations. To learn more about mass merging, see the Crimson 3 – Compliance – Deduping Tool guide on our HelpDesk.


  • The blue PACs w/o FEC ID, Irregular Names, and Partnerships & LLCs w/o Attributions cards will provide you with unique lists that include hyperlinked PIDs which open the corresponding people records where you can make necessary updates.


  • The Exception Code Select action button allows you to pull records that need to receive a specific compliance letter by fund code and exception code. It only works properly if you are using Crimson 3’s exception codes. To learn more about exception codes and the exception code select, see the Crimson 3 – Exception Codes guide and the Crimson 3 – Exception Codes – Pulling Lists for Mail Merge guide on our HelpDesk.


  • The Best Efforts Select action button allows you to pull all donors who need to be sent a best efforts letter for occupation and/or employer information by fund code. To learn more about the best efforts list select, see the Crimson 3 – Best Efforts List Select guide on our HelpDesk.


  • The Compliance dashboard provides 3 lists that display the first 5 records with the largest amounts that need to be researched and adjusted: Uncoded Overlimit Donors, Expiring Coded Overlimit Donors, and Unbalanced Earmarks. If you click a people record on a list, it will open that particular contribution for you to review and adjusted as needed.

If you click the  button, it will provide you with a list of all records and hyperlinked ID’s for your review. You can also export these lists.


  • At the very bottom of the Compliance Dashboard, you will see a list of Crimson Compliance Reports and Data Maintenance Reports that you can run by clicking the report’s title. If you click the  button, a list of all Compliance or Data Maintenance reports will display.




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