Crimson: People Dashboard

The Crimson People Dashboard provides you with an overview of the People records in your database by displaying counts, summary information, dashboard buttons, and top 5 codes or locations.


  • There is a Dashboard Navigation Bar at the top right corner of the page where you can access:
    • People Search
    • New People/New Gifts Import
    • People Settings
  • There are Dashboard Action Buttons on the dashboard such as:
    • Add a Record
    • Tasks/Calls
    • Merge

These allow you to complete tasks related to people records without leaving the dashboard.

  • Click on the information shown on cards to generate a list that consists of the count displayed on the card. For example, if you click the number of People records or the number of Donors, they will each run a People Search that consists of those records that make up that number. 
  • Hover over a particular code in a Graph to display the total count and sometimes a percentage.


  • At the very bottom of the People Dashboard, you will see a list of Crimson People Reports and Data Maintenance Reports that you can run by clicking the report’s title. If you click the button in either section, a list of all People or all Data Maintenance reports will be displayed.
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