Crimson FAQ: How Do I Add an In-Kind Disbursement?


How do I enter an in-kind disbursement to another committee in Crimson?  For example: if we as a PAC paid a hotel for a banquet hall rental.  The PAC will then in-kind the banquet hall to another campaign.


It depends on how you would like to show the in-kind on your FEC report. 

  1. You can enter the in-kind disbursement to the hotel and then add FEC memo text to explain the situation in more detail about the in-kind for another campaign.


  1. The other option would be to enter the in-kind to the hotel as an ultimate vendor disbursement and then to add the campaign as the memo item to that ultimate vendor entry. (Note: You would most likely want to add specific FEC memo text with this option as well.)

**Please Note: For more information on related topics, please refer to the following guides on the HelpDesk (Expenditure Data Entry, Ultimate Vendors in Expenditures and FAQ: How to Record an In-Kind Contribution).



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