Crimson FAQ: How Do I Record an In-Kind Contribution?

*Please note: You do NOT need to manually enter any Schedule B disbursements for In-Kinds if you're using CrimsonFiler for your FEC reports.  CrimsonFiler will automatically create the corresponding disbursements when you import your data from Crimson into your FEC reports.

In-Kind contributions are entered into Crimson in the same way as any other type of contribution, but the payment type is marked as “IK – In-Kind” during the data entry or import process.

**For more information on how to enter batches into Crimson, please refer to the Contributions - Data Entry solution in the HelpDesk. For more information on how to import lists of contributions into Crimson, please refer to the Importing Lists of New Contributions solution in the HelpDesk.

Recording an In-Kind contribution in Batches or through Data Entry

To record an in-kind contribution, in the Data Entry window after entering the donor’s information via the Search button or New button for adding a new record, you will be able to select the payment type in the  Payment Type drop-down menu.

  1. Select In-Kind from the list.


  1. Then in the FEC Memo Text field, record the purpose of the in-kind contribution (e.g. food and beverage).
  2. Continue with the data entry process as described in the Contributions - Data Entry solution on the HelpDesk.

Recording an In-Kind Contribution When Importing Lists

  • Mark in-kind contributions in your file with the payment code of IK for the field mapped to Payment Type and enter the purpose of the gift into the field mapped to FEC Memo Text.
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