Crimson: Summary of New Features

There are many new features and functionalities now available in Crimson. Below is a summary of the main changes/updates.

Crimson Dashboards

The layout in Crimson now allows you to navigate and complete your work within a particular menu’s dashboard.

The Home Dashboard is customized to your login so it will show you your tasks, your saved searches, and your favorite reports.

All dashboards will contain details such as a dashboard navigation bar, summary total cards, dashboard buttons, important graphs/analytics, top 5 items/codes, and related reports. Many dashboard items are now clickable and will generate the list that comprises that total number or all records in that list.


To learn more about Crimson dashboards, see the individual guides on the specific dashboards/menus on our HelpDesk such as the Crimson – People Dashboard, Crimson – Fundraising Dashboard, etc.

New Search Functionalities

The main searches in Crimson now automatically save your 10 most recently ran searches so that you can use them again easily. Crimson also allows you to save your most commonly used searches so you can create your own reports, and customize the output fields so that your exported results only contain the data you need.

These updates have been implemented in most of the Crimson searches such as the People Search, Money Search, Payee Search, Expenditure Search, Receipt Search, Data Entry Search, Events Search, etc.

To learn more about Crimson’s new search features, see the Crimson – New Search Functionalities guide on our HelpDesk.


New Quick Searches

There are now Quick Searches for every main search menu in Crimson that can be accessed from any dashboard. You can select which Quick Search you want to use via the drop-down menu and use shortcuts for the different quick searches that allow you to run a specific search. 

For example, in the Quick People Search you can type “:s[va,md,dc]” to search for all people records with a primary address in the states of Virginia, Maryland or DC. Also, in the Quick Money Search you can type “:b[0001] to search for all money records with a batch number of 0001.

To learn more about quick search features, see the Crimson – Quick Searches guide on our HelpDesk.

New People Profile Features

The People Profile in Crimson will provide additional summary details for the different panels and analytics for data related to contributions such as Giving History, Events and Pledges. For example, in the Giving History panel summary you can see how much in total that donor and their linked spouse has given so far to active fund codes. It is also easier to navigate and update information within a record.


To learn more about the new people profile, see the Crimson – People Profile guide on our HelpDesk.

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