Crimson: Treasury Dashboard

The Crimson Treasury Dashboard provides an overview of treasury data by displaying totals by date range for other receipts and expenditures, counts of records that may need attention, and summary information such as top payees and transactions.

  • There is a Dashboard Navigation Bar at the top right corner of the page where you can access the:
    • Payee Search
    • Expenditure Search
    • Receipt Search
    • Treasury Import
    • Treasury Settings
  • There are Dashboard Action Buttons on the dashboard such as:
    • New Payee
    • New Expenditure
    • New Receipt
    • Payee Merge

These allow you to complete tasks related to treasury data without leaving the dashboard.


The first section of the dashboard breaks down treasury receipts and expenditures’ totals by fund codes and shows how much has been received or disbursed for different date ranges. Select a fund code in the top left pie graph to reflect receipts or expenditures specific to that fund code.

  • When you select a line number in the Total by Line # bar graph or click on the total number of Payees shown in the blue card, search results from the treasury Receipts Search or Payee Search will be generated. When you click on any of the red cards, the related Crimson report will generate a list of those records that make up that number or take you to the report for you to run.


  • The top 5 lists provide summary information such as top payees, receipts and expenditures that allow you to see exactly where your receiving or disbursing your money.


  • The next set of lists provide summary information related to specific types of expenditures such as contributions to other committees, ultimate vendor payments and corresponding links, as well as aggregates for independent expenditures.


  • Click a record under Total Contributions to Other Committees to open the people record. Click a record under Ultimate Vendor Payments to open that particular disbursement record.


  • Click the dots.png button in the Ultimate Vendor Payments list to generate results from the Disbursement Search. Click the bluedot.png button in any of the other blue lists to be taken to the related Crimson report report for you to run.


  • A list of Crimson Treasury Reports and Reconciliation Reports are available at the bottom of the Treasury Dashboard. You can run these reports by clicking the report’s title. Click the dots.png button to display a list of all reports.
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