Crimson: Quick Searches

There are Quick Searches available for every main search menu in Crimson that can be accessed from any dashboard. You can select which Quick Search you want to use via the drop-down menu and use shortcuts for the different types of searches that will automatically populate the correct search fields.


Below are some examples of commonly used shortcuts for each quick search. Please see the Crimson – Quick Search Assistance excel attached to view a list of all quick search shortcut options.

Freeform Quick Search Shortcuts

Many of the quick searches will search by name information, IDs, or a date when alphanumeric characters are used.

For example, if you type “George Washington” most quick searches will run a search for records with any combination of “George” and “Washington” using all name fields available in that particular search.

If you enter a chain of numeric characters, several of the quick searches will look for a matching ID that relates to that particular search option such as a batch number, tracking number, MID (unique transaction IDs for contributions), transaction ID (unique transaction IDs for expenditures and other receipts), event ID, payee ID, invoice ID, etc.

Lastly, if a date is entered in the following format “9/1/18” or “09/01/2018”, a lot of the quick searches will look for data with that specific date. For example, if a date of 09/01/2018 is entered in the Quick Money Search it will look for all contributions that have a batch date of Sept. 1, 2018.

Colon (:) Quick Search Shortcuts

Type a “:” (colon) in some of the quick searches to be given a drop-down menu with options to run a quick search for a particular set of data.

For example, below are the options available in the Quick People Search when you type a “:”.


Once you select an option such as “Flag”, you will need to list the flags that you are searching for in the brackets that appear. If you enter :f[DNM,DNC] then Crimson will search for all records that have a flag in list of DNC (Do Not Call) and DNM (Do Not Mail).

Parentheses Quick Search Shortcuts

Some of the quick searches require that parentheses are used in order to find records in a particular, city, state, or in an exact city, state and zip. 

For example, if you are looking for all events with a specific event location, use the Quick Event Search and enter (VA) to find all events located in Virginia or (Washington, DC) to find all events located in Washington, DC.

**Please see the attached excel for a list of all Quick Search shortcuts available in Crimson and details on how each work in the different quick searches.

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